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  • 1 month ago

    Differential between Psoriasis and Dermatomyositis

    So a few months ago I started getting these red inflamed patches on my knuckles. I initially suspected psoriasis and possibly psoriatic arthritis because I have also been experiencing joint pain in my hip, back, and plantar fascia region. Due to the limited impact on my skin though I began to wonder if the skin condition might be Dermatomyositis, as I also have had a small scaley patch on my eyelid. Does anyone know an effective way to differentiate between the two ? As far as muscle weakness, I....
  • 1 month ago

    Total Knee Replacement: Left done considering the Right one

    My left Knee was replaced 15 months ago. Now, the Doctor said I need the Right one replaced. I still am dealing with the left one uncomfortable. However, it is 95% better than what it was. I have had shots which helps but the Doctor said I am bone on bone. I want to wait for surgery because the last one still frightens me. It was a big deal to get over. I think I want to wait on the right one until it gets worse. What are your thoughts?
  • 1 month ago

    Knee swelling, cold leg and foot, and tingling in toes

    I'm posting this here because I have seen others post knee problems here- A few days ago, I injured my knee playing soccer. I heard a pop in my knee and was taken to the ER. They took several x-rays and said it was probably a sprain. It has been four days since then. Two nights ago I noticed my foot was extremely cold and my knee and foot were swelling and becoming discolored. I went back to the ER for a possible blood clot, which there thankfully wasn't. However the physician never gave....
  • 1 month ago

    Toe Arthritis

    I am 57 and have arthritis in my right large toe. It started 3 years ago and now my toe is contracted. It is hard to find shoes for me especially since I attend church every Sunday and sometimes during the week. My tennis shoes are comfortable but the have to be well made or Name brand. I pick out sandals that will go over my contraction. I recently went to a nice thrift some with a hundred or more styles and sizes. I tried on ten pairs of shoes all different. I only found 1 pair in a one hour time....
  • 1 month ago

    Severe groin pain front to back.

    SI pain. Groin area front to back. Shoots down my leg. Ankle hurts bad. Had 3 doctors say 3 different diagnosis. Waiting for 2nd MRI approval on hip and muscle. Neither of them hurt. MRI of lower spine shows herniated disc which I've had for many years. Been suffering from sciatica. This is a new pain, just started 3 months ago. I can't do my job. Pain meds aren't helping much.
  • 1 month ago

    SI pain

    I've been to 3 different doctors and one said my herniated disc, one said torn groin muscles, one said SI joint. Doing a second MRI on my hip and groin muscles to rule out this. I have been having pain, severe at times to where I can't walk. Still waiting for someone to actually find the cause. The pain is in the groin area, front to back. Hurts down my leg especially around my ankle. I loose my balance and have been missing work.
  • Pain

    I have Ostoartris very bad Both knees and ankles Would like to know why They can't just pull the joints apart a little then insert something like a disk filled with selcon in between Instant of replacing the joint I would think this is something that could be done and last for longer then replacement surgery and you would be able to do ankles to so tried of being in pain all the time
  • 2 months ago

    OA shoes?

    I am 20 years old and was recently diagnosed with early osteoarthritis in my big toes. Does anyone have any shoe suggestions? I have Oofos flip flops that have nice arches but I need something for walking around campus all day. And I was wondering if Chacos would be any good.
  • 2 months ago

    Pain in hip (lower back) SI Joint?

    I've had pain at the top of my hip, in the lower back on the left side for about a year. It hurts with each step I take when walking, a stabbing pain. I went to the local orthopedic health system and they took xrays and said it "looked like" arthritis in the hip joint. They set me up for a cortisone shot and physical therapy. They said I'd feel great when I left, then it might hurt the next day after the lidocaine wore off and then feel better in 3-5 days when the cortisone took....
  • 2 months ago

    Bunionette and RA

    I have a painful and prominent bunionette on my right foot. When, if ever, is surgery for this recommended?