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  • 2 hours ago

    Please help me

    I am 57 yo & have had RA for about 20 years, have been completely asymptomatic for about 8 months or so- meaning my nodules have gone away but the pain is still there. I have had a red, pinprick rash on my chest & neck & brown blotchy spots on my face- they don't itch & both dry eyes & mouth. I haven't had continual treatment for years & I just 'feel funny'. I don't know where to turn anymore.
  • 2 days ago

    Routine Comp Metabolic Profile

    I need this lab work done by Thurs. for upcoming infusion. I am also scheduled for echocardiogram along with pharmacologic stress test tomorrow....2 different doctors. Cardiologist is checking on prolapse valve. I must have had bad food this past Thurs. evening and threw up both Friday and Sat. but kept liquids down, while staying on the couch. Sunday, I felt fine and had a bland normal diet and was able to get out and about. My questions: do I schedule blood test this morning/fasting? Should I keep....
  • 3 days ago

    RA - Mexotrexate, Plaquinil, Embrel, Humira, and now Jelzanz

    I have been on mexo for about 10 years. 8 years as a pill & 2 as an injectable. I haven't had hair fall our but I have been having extreme fatigue (some anemia), vomiting, no hair loss other than my eyebrows don't seem to grow much anymore & my leg hair but I am happy about the leg hair. I have been on anti-inflammatories for 20 years and now I have gastritis which may be contributing to the illness I feel now almost constantly. Now have zolfran to try to stop the nausea & vomiting....
  • 4 days ago

    Phase 2

    I just got told I have arthritis and is on my left foot and shoulder. What in the world, should I be worry i mean should I take this very seriously? I mean please explain in plain English. Thanks
  • 4 days ago

    85-year-old with hip pain wants to live normally and needs surgery

    Dear All, My father-in-law is 85 yo and has hip arthritis. His life quality has gradually diminished with him not being able to walk unassisted anymore and being in a generally bad mental shape. We are thinking of having a baby soon but my father-in-law is worried that he will not be able to see his grandchildren anymore. My husband is an only child and the situation is breaking my heart. We live in Milan, Italy and he didn't get as much sun as he used to and didn't enjoy life as much in....
  • Do you take Methotrexate for RA?

    Do you have negative side effects (nausea, intense stomach pain, hair loss, etc.) when you take methotrexate for RA? Are they so severe that you wish there was a different type of treatment? I'd love to learn more about your experiences. I am on a team looking to develop a new way to deliver methotrexate to treat RA. First, we have to understand the side effects of this treatment type. That's where you come in. Any information would be super helpful for us! Thank you in advance.
  • 6 days ago

    Joint pain and no answers please help.

    Hello. I'm an 18 year old female and for the last 6/7 months I have been experiencing severe joint pain mostly in my knees, shoulders, ankles and wrists. I feel it's important to add that I had a coil fitted around this time and shortly after became pregnant, unfortunately I had a termination and had my coil removed. However it has now been 3/4 months since this has happened and I still have these pains. I've been tested for absolutely everything and it's all come back negative (e....
  • 12 days ago

    20 year old months of joint pain

    Hello,  This is the first time using this forum so i am still trying to figure it out. I am a 20 year old student who was an active weight lifter. I have not been able to lift for approximatly 6 months now due to knee and elbow pain on both my knees and both my elbows. My knee issues started roughly 1.5 years before i stopped lifting. They would hurt 1-3 days after leg days depending on how hard I worked out but would always go away. My elbows started hurting only about 2 months before i stopped....
  • Not really sure wear to put this

    My arms (where it bends) keep cramping up a lot today and it feels like a charley horse. This morning I woke up to them both hurting and not being able to straighten for a few minutes. It was odd. When I leave them bent for any length of time, they cramp up again. I've never experienced this. I had a 2nd dose of the hpv vaccine a few days ago and I'm wondering if it is just a side effect from that.
  • 14 days ago


    I have a popping an pain in the first joint an extreme pain in the second joint of my thumb. What could it be an how can I get relief. Writing, an trying to open a jar an unlock my car is almost unbarable. Please help. Thank you.