• 9 days ago

    Arthritis, mystery healing

    Started off beginning 2019 with more and more joint pains, losing strength first in my hands, then arms, and worst of all my legs. Mechanic all my life, hand problems expected, and shoulder pains would be normal. Worst was my legs. If kneeling to do work was needed, painful and slow getting down. Had to make sure I had something to grab to get back up, which was almost beyond physical ability. Legs and arms so weak, every ounce of strength required. Other bad problems were, at times, couldn't awake fully, not mentally safe to drive in AM, much better at days end. Depression nearly every day varied from minor to moderate. Neck too stiff to look over shoulders, pain if I just moved it slighty. Other difficulties too numerous to mention.
    Doctor selection/visit based on my spine condition, knowing 1 disc bulging, and new feeling of 1 locking slightly.
    X-rays, major arthritis neck and lower back.
    Medication suggested to see how much improvement available. 6 Day Dose Pak Medrol 4mg. UNBELIEVABLE! Day 3 all pain back to moderate. Day 6, Normal for what I was at age 65 approx, I'll be 79 soon this year. All blood work has been super good for years, kidneys function perfect, in spite of 2 major Cancer Ops. and Skin cancer 3 years ago.
    Mental State, now alert, focused, high spirits.
    Can Medrol really do all that? Obviously not taking it now, and only 10-15% problems have returned after 3 months.
    Can Medrol wipe out what I think was massive inflamation?