• 5 months ago


    Has anyone been on Lefluomide? I am on 10 mg for sever inflammation from R/A.
    I am having deep depression and dark thoughts since starting this medicine.
    I also am having carb cravings like crazy.
    My Dr. is frustrated with me as I have tried Metho and had the same side effects.
    Has anyone else had mood disorders with R/A meds?


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Leflunomide

    I am on it and I can't say that it is directly affecting my mood but the whole of RA and trying to get things under control can certainly affect your mood and if you aren't getting good results and dealing with pain daily that might be more to the cause. If you are feeling like you are deep down in a depression I encourage you to find someone to talk to about the daily struggles so you don't find yourself spiraling and you can find a way to battle. Hang in there.