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    What is wrong with me?

    Hey everyone. I’m a 17 year male old drama student from Scotland. I have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain since my 4th year of high school. I am now in my first year of university. I am still suffering. The pain is intense. Each day when I wake up my neck feels so tight and I have to crack it really hard and also crack my back. Sometimes I feel a pulsating pain in my ears and my shoulders hurt too. I spent most of my day twisting my head around trying to relieve the pain but it doesn’t work, it just makes me look stupid and it is embarrassing. I have been told I have a slight bend in my spine, but not extreme scoliosis, just slightly. I have had physio therapy which hasn’t worked and have been taking useless pills for months to no avail (dihydrocodeine and etoricoxib). I have all the symptoms of spine arthritis / neck spondylitis but I am 17 (15 when it started so surely it can’t be that at this age?!) I have seen a chiropractor and have been told to go on a gluten free diet which I have tried (I have been off gluten for about 2 months) and I’ve had slight relief however the pain is still extreme! If I feel the back of my neck I can feel my upper vertebrae (below my head) moving and crunching as if it’s crumbling away like sandstone. I’m worried it’s really affecting my life. I’ve lost my job due to the pain. I am a fit person; I am an actor in training so I do a lot of exercise and also try yoga a lot. Absolutely nothing helps and it’s taking a toll mentally and physically and I really want some advice! I’ve lost friends due to my mood swing s that make me angry and tired, and my relationship with my mother has been affected because of my constant attitude and unwillingness to do things with her.Thank you so much.


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    RE: What is wrong with me?

    Do you do daily exercise and do you see a physician who told you what to do? Maybe you have a bad posture or a need to strenghen your muscles. Maybe you a deficient with vitamin d? There could be many reasons. Find a good physiotherapist with many years of experience :-) I hope this could help just a bit...Good luck!