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    My Story, Hello & Advice Welcome

    In 2011 I started noticing a soreness in my right shoulder from time to time. Thinking I'd slept on it wrong or bumped it (I'm a somewhat clumsy person, I don't really keep track of all the bumps and bangs I incur. I've always been a klutz).

    Anywho, shortly after i had a flu like feeling that lasted for almost two weeks.

    When it came back the next time I went to my primary care and told him of both. His first statement was that they weren't related. The shoulder was a suspected injury and I was given exercises to do. The aches in all my joints was ruled likely fibro and i was put on cymbalta.

    Neither improved but neither got worse so I lived with it. At least I thought.

    Within a couple years I realized I could no longer fasten my own bra or remove fitted clothing without assistance because of shoulder pain I guess I was trying so hard to live with it, I just grew used to it and it took an obstacle like that to make me realize how bad it had gotten.

    I ended up at a different clinic where they just accepted the previous fibro diagnosis and decided I had frozen shoulder. I was told the adhesions would loosen over time and to keep using it.

    Shortly after I developed heel pain to the point of barely being able to walk. A different clinic person diagnosed planter fasciitis and prescribed exercises for my foot. She also ran some blood tests. I specifically asked if I could have arthritis.

    When the results came back I was told that my arthritis test was negative but my blood did show inflammation. She put me on meloxicam and I began to feel better within days. That lasted for a couple years but then it seemed to not work as well.

    My insurance changed again and I ended up at a new primary. When I complained about my shoulder she agreed I should keep doing the exercises.

    By last summer I'd become so depressed and just laid around. Everything hurt so i did nothing.

    At last fall's appointment, I pointed out that my left shoulder had started hurting like the right and both knees had started. She finally ordered x-rays. The right shoulder is "past due" for replacement and the left shoulder and both knees are all coming due. All these years of messing around and no one thought to do a simple x-ray until last year.

    Thankfully my daughters live with me because during a flare up I need help. I'm frightened, I know it's been getting worse and will continue to do so.

    I don't qualify for disability, at least not for a good while I'm told.

    I am going tomorrow for a pre surgical imaging study.

    After that I guess I need to see about pain management?

    Is there a specialty for learning to live with this? I'm 53 and am already in need of, or close to needing, 4 major replacements.


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    RE: My Story, Hello & Advice Welcome

    I should point out, when I'm not having a flare I'm able to drive and do basic things. I have limited reach but I manage. During a flare just walking, showering, doing anything at all is very painful.
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    RE: My Story, Hello & Advice Welcome

    Hello. I am a recent total hip replacement. I “lived with” that pain for 18 months start of symptoms to surgery. I now tell everyone that is experiencing pain, especially if you’ve had the xrays showing the need for replacement to get evaluated by an orthopedic specialist. Mine was finally, after many other treatments, diagnosed by X-ray and I was bone on bone. Like you, couldn’t we have started with an X-ray? I’m 61 and pushed through 12 hour shifts in terrible pain and not able to sleep. Don’t make that mistake. 53 is way too young to resign yourself to having to live with it. I had shoulder issues about your age but I still saw an orthopedist who was able to treat it very well without surgery.
    There is hope! Once your imaging is done, hopefully you will be referred to or find a compassionate, skilled ortho surgeon to help you and you can be without pain again and get back to living. Good luck and many blessings to you.
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    RE: My Story, Hello & Advice Welcome

    My shoulder pain began after a sporting accident and it never really improved. I too think that they should have just began this whole process with a simple x-ray as it would have given them a different perspective on the matter. I have been doing more holistic remedies to handle the pain in my hands, knees, legs, and hips. Yoga, acupuncture, and cannabis oil are my natural pain relievers. If you end up having surgery of any sort consider researching the benefits that cannabis oil brings to the medical table. Smoking is not what I am suggesting rather tinctures and oils are far more effective and provide longevity. I can attest positive results from own experience and the results I see in animals also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5XoN7nvqrc