• 7 months ago

    Just talking about my sudden onset of symptoms

    I have had back problems forlong time.im also a stage 3b Cancer survivor.i was given the wrong hysterectomy i needed a radical hysterectomy but got regular.then it got infected and had to be packed 3 times a day we lived 45 mins away by freeway.he had them show him what to do so he did it.i couldn't start chemo and external radiation until out was completely healed.i was only given a 17%chance of survival with all the most aggressive treatment possible.and I Beat Cancers Butt.Anyway i have allot of radiation damage and scar tissue my stomach pelvic and back hurt all day everyday.
    Well Tuesday i just fell asleep without nite meds and qwik.that wouldn't be issue but i would only stay awake a lil bit and fall back asleep.also my eyes been swelling on top of my bones all over hurt and my joints are swollen too idk what to do.im kinda scared.i have appt wed.im sleeping over 20 hours a day since Tuesday 4/9/19.anyone having any ideas on what it might be.