• 5 months ago

    A Little Confused...

    Went to a new rheumy. I have a history of lupus symptoms, RA, fibromyalgia and other health conditions. At first new rheumy was on board with restarting Rituxan and methotrexate. I had been experiencing lots of pain & fatigue along with swelling. When labs came back, some tests were high, but not high enough for him to start those meds. When I questioned this, he suggested I speak with his colleague. He did give me injections in my knees which is starting to wear off. Of course meeting with his colleague took months before I got an appointment. His colleague was very firm and told me if I had RA and lupus, they had gone away. He told me I was too old to still have lupus since I was over 50. What??? He said I didn't have RA any more because my sed rate was normal in that recent lab test, I only had osteoarthritis now. What???

    I never said I had lupus although I did have the symptoms. I had tests for RA and my previous rheumy confirmed it. He was just the wait and see type. Well we waited for years. I was in pain and exhausted, but we still were waiting and seeing. That's why I went to a new rheumy.

    Needless to say I left the office depressed. This doctor was so demeaning and dismissive, I just wanted to get out of there. He prescribed Tramadol which I never took before. Having a hard time getting it covered by my insurance. They are willing to give me one week's worth to start.

    Can RA just go away? I thought it might go into remission. Symptoms might go away for months, but could return. RA is not curable, but is treatable. I feel so lost and confused...and still hurting. Has anyone else had RA that just went away?