• 7 months ago

    RA & Bowel inflammation

    Hello... Does anyone with RA also experience what I call Bowel Attacks? I'm developing more food intolerances too as time goes on. I first noticed reaction to Pork. I'd get a distended stomach and painful cramping followed by urgent watery diarrhea and cramping that both lasts an hour or more until there is nothing to expel. Sometimes it is accompanied by vomiting too. It's absolutely horrible and no GI can really say what's wrong with me except they suggest it is IBS?!? It is too violent for IBS in my opinion. I feel like I'm going to die it so violent and I get weak and my heart feels like it stops beating and a cold sweat comes over me. It's horrible and now it happens with other foods that I normally can tolerate. It comes on with no warning and after I test a few hours I can start to eat simple foods again. Can anyone suggest what I may have or should I get second opinion? I was given a colonoscopy and was told I had no inflammation at the time or ulcers. I have mild diverticulosis. If anyone has similar symptoms or knows what I have and how to treat it please advise. Thanks.