• 7 months ago

    Antibiotics reducing hip pain?

    I was diagnosed with OA almost 2 years ago and have tried just about everything (ice, exercise, weight loss, diclophenac, cannabis balm) short of steroid injections and hip replacement to reduce my hip pain. I walk with a pronounced limp and find myself reaching for objects on which to steady myself while walking.

    Most days it only hurts when I move my legs, but more and more often there will be times that my legs (mostly the left one) ache from my groin to below the knee even while sitting or lying down.

    Just walking from the handicapped parking place in front of our building to my desk is difficult; it's about all I can do just to get to my chair. I don't drink coffee or water like I used to. It's not just getting up to go get something to drink, it's having to get up and go to the restroom which is only 30 feet away or so. I don't even go out to lunch anymore. I'd rather sit (pain free) at my desk.

    After having a couple of UTI's over the past year, I don't know if it's just my imagination or not, but the pain seems to get better while I'm taking antibiotics?? Has anyone heard anything like this? I was able to find some info online about it, but it was more specific to how some patients that would otherwise have back surgery could be helped by antibiotics instead.

    Has anyone else ever noticed anything like this?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Antibiotics reducing hip pain?

    Hi. I have similar problems, but I am 75 and have not had any knee or hip replacements, but the doctor said I have severe arthritis in my knee and hip. I am reluctant to get replacements even though they say I need them. And I am unbalanced when I walk but don't have pain when I sit or sleep. So that's a relief.
    I take naproxen to ease my symptoms sometimes, and anti-inflammatory supplements. As far as antibiotics go, people usually have more energy when they take antibiotics I notice.
    P.S. I am reluctant to do a lot of walking since I am unsteady, and in pain when I walk. Some days are better than others.