• Basel Joint Surgery

    I'm 69 years old and am facing basel joint surgery. It's my right hand. I'm a musician and writer, live alone, with no support system. I'm very concerned about recovery time and the impact to my right hand. I take Arthozene which is a supplement that has improved the pain in my hand. At this point in my life, after numerous surgeries....my intuition is screaming not to do it. I have no one to help me. I've had 4 surgeries for 3 knee replacements and I did that on my own...but I'm 5 years older now and have 2 sick cats and facing winter. I cannot give up a year of my life and after reading some posts, the situation has not turned out that great for some. I have severe chronic pain..wake up at a 7 and by the time I start moving it's at an 8, depending on what I do, I can go up to a 10, at which point, I just lie down. I've also had shoulder surgery and my shoulder still hurts. I'm familiar with post op recovery pain.....but for some reason, this surgery is troubling me. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks much and good luck to all.


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    I know that being on your own is difficult, but the best options are to utilize the resources available to you - Reach out to animal welfare associations and ask them not to take your cats but to help you with just feeding them. Maybe a neighbor ? Or even some people in your town that volunteer with the community - there are definitely options you can seek-
      • Hi. Thanks for your post. I postponed the surgery until the spring....I became overwhelmed by it all. As it turned out, I had to put down one of my cats just this past Saturday. She had been left behind when her 'family' moved to Florida. She lived in the woods for 3 years, here in upstate NY...very cold winters....very hot summers. Friends managed to get her and asked me take her. I did. She had health issues but I dealt with them and had her for 12 years. As to my surgery, I sustained serious multiple injuries on the job. To face another surgery triggers my PTSD. I'm a musician and writer. I can't lose mobility of my right thumb. One doesn't really....really learn what a surgery consists of until it's done and then it's too late...surgeon's never tell you the real truth of what can happen. I take a supplement that has improved my thumb pain by 30%. I've had 4 knee surgeries for 3 replacements, shoulder surgery....I have multiple herniated discs in my neck and have trouble with my lower lumbar but I will not have back nor neck surgery. I will not be a victim of the medical machine. Too much to do in this life. Be well and thanks much!