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    Job problems

    I was diagnosed with RA this year and have had several severe flares. I am a 30 yr LPN and my employers are surprisingly unsympathetic during these flares. Can anyone give me info on how I can protect my job?


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    I'm 27 & my job isn't as easy at it the average ... I had RA since I was 18... still not in remission - it truly is difficult - but make sure you have your rheumatologist write out that you may need to take more frequent breaks & know your rights as a far as how the ADA protects your job.
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        By the way, one day I was swimming and there was a former nurse in the pool with me. She had an operation and was not healing properly. She told me she loved nursing but from all the lifting of the patients her back was really hurt and had to quit. That made me much more sympathetic towards nurses and the strain they go through to help people. She had an operation on her back, but believe it or not, the doctor did not do a good job, she had to have more surgery and went to the pool to let her legs dangle so her back could stretch. Sad what we have to go through sometimes. But she was much older.
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    Do you have a union? If so, make sure your union rep knows of any restrictions your doctor has given you, like any extra breaks, the number of hours you can spend on your feet, the amount you can lift. Also make sure your supervisor knows this stuff too. And keep an eye out for any sit down jobs where you can also use your nursing experience.
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    I was a delivery driver for almost 10 years before I was diagnosed (even though I had the flare ups the entire time). They didn't care either. As soon as I left that state I worked minimum wage for few years, and finally got a sit down computer desk job and I make a living on it. Sitting still hurts every once in a while but never as bad as standing and sitting and standing and sitting and climbing stairs and rain, snow, sleet, and hail. I will never deliver again.
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    RE: Job problems

    I am 75, and was never diagnosed with RA, but have had problems standing for a long time. I have been diagnosed with arthritis, not RA (I don't think). I did secretarial work for years, and my boss was not particularly understanding when I could not stand for a long period of time. He in fact insulted me saying I wanted to get out of doing work when I had to stand a long time. But he didn't fire me. It was a union type job with a city governmental agency. It took a LOT, and I mean a LOT to get fired. I wasn't in the union, but like I said, it was a city job and took a lot to get fired. On the other hand, I didn't make much money. This was years ago. I got married, my husband pays the bills, I learned to economize.
    I have a friend who is an LPN (much younger than myself), but has severe arthritis and other problems. She is also seriously overweight. I guess one thing leads to another. She just was pushed out of her job since she worked for a school system and they asked her to travel more and she couldn't do it. It pays to keep expenses down, I'm serious about that.
    I finally had to stop working because I couldn't climb steps to take subway.