• 10 months ago

    What should I do don't want surgery or in injections

    I'm 52, recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis of both knees, was told by this doctor a knee joint orthopedic surgeon specialist with 30 yrs experience i have bad news for you, you have osteoarthritis of both knees arthroscopic surgery will not work for you you need knee replacement surgery but are too young, did you injure yourself? Yes I walked 10,000 miles overnight job for 9 years, how long should I wait for surgery? what do younger people do with this problem? or what is the progression of this disease? I'm in pain working at waist to floor level, cannot carry up the stairs grocery, pain with normal walking, His in house x Ray shows inner knee joint space narrowing on both knees, bones are close femur and tibia, Mri shows swelling, greater than 50% cartilage loss on both knees? i initially was diagnosed in emergency room with sprain knee then was found on Mri from primary doctor i'm not sprained i have cartilage loss, Or could this doctor be wrong about surgery? he has prescribed topical pain cream, custom braces, injections, My xray also show Mild osteoarthritis of si joint