• 4 months ago

    Rt Shoulder bicep tendon partial rupture

    I have reasonably good health at my advanced age (86) . I do feel some problems yet I can have daily walks for about 30 mins a day. I have been having both shoulders pain for the last about 2 years which though continued yet remained fairly manageable with Fastum Gel and occasional fomentation. 3 months back, my rt shoulder created a crackling sound resulting increase in pain which got reduced with passage of time. Recently I got US done done which revealed bicep Tendon rupture in the Rt shoulder which comes down close to elbow. I went to the Surgeon and also a competent concerned Rehabilitation Specialist. Surgeon and I agreed not for any surgery etc. The other Specialist felt that it is a partial rupture of a Tendon coming down from shoulder to elbow. Due to rupture being partial, my arm is still working almost OK. He advised me not to lift any thing even small with rt arm besides using Fastum Gel/ pain killer when needed.
    Can I have the views of others who had some what similar experience and what precautions/ medications/exs etc were/are being taken by them and their results? DOs/Don'ts for this situation? Operation is totally out for me due to age limitations. Can I one expect betterment of my situation?If so, how? Anyway my arm is still working well with minor pain yet I remain careful.