• 8 months ago

    Someone please help me

    Please help me I am 25 years old. Mostly healthy. I have had joint pain in my fingers and hands for as long as I can remember. The pain gradually got worse as I got older. It shoots up my wrist into my forearm like poison flowing through my veins. I would get stinging feelings through my back and shoulders like a million needles were being thrown at me. I wake up stiff and sore everywhere and extremely nauseous. I couldn't do sports like the other kids, I was and still am always so fatigued. I could sleep forever and it still not be enough. Hot weather makes me so sick. Sick as in very weak and nauseous, I almost always throw up if I get too hot. Around 18 I noticed my fingers changing, growing crooked and curvy. At 22 it looks like my right hand is trying to run away from my left hand. Now I feel the pain in my elbows, shoulders, knees, back upper and lower, my right calf and my ankles and my toes. At 23 it was all too excruciating so I tried to finally get help. I was set to see a specialist but before I got to go, I got pregnant. Where I go is a clinic for native Americans and they will not see pregnant women. So I waited. I had a beautiful baby girl and I finally got to see a specialist. He didn't give me anymore than 3 minutes of his time. Of course it was not a flare up day and he was not interested. He didn't let me tell him anything. He squeezed my hands and wrists. He said I have fibromyalgia and no arthritis... I look at my hands and my family history and I know there has to be more to this and I have got to get help. All the pain is debilitating and it's effecting my work and home life. I feel like he just wrote me off with fibromyalgia to get rid of me. I have video and pictures of my hands I just need someone to care and help me. Please.