• 10 months ago

    Coming out of remission?

    I was diagnosed with RA in May of 2014. I took Methotrexate and various different biologics, trying to find one that didn't give me petechial rashes. I was on Enbrel last year. In November I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I stopped all RA medications in preparation for surgery. Then after surgery my doctors told me to stay off those meds during radiation as well, which occurred in February and March. After finishing all my treatment, I went back to my rheumatologist, who asked how I was feeling. I said fine. No symptoms. So he said just stay off the RA meds until such time as you need them again. So I guess I have been in remission for at least 10 months. But starting about five days ago, I am getting a general feeling of malaise, feeling tired and kind of swollen and puffy, and my hands, feet, knees and shoulders hurt. I almost don't want to even say it, but I am afraid I am coming out of remission. Has anyone else gone in and out of remission? Does it sound like that is what is happening?