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    Exercising with osteoarthritis

    I saw an orthopedist because of pain and swelling in both knees 2 years ago. He said I need total knee replacements. I am 75 and do not want to undergo surgery so I curtailed hiking and aerobics which had been causing pain, I lost some weight and ate more foods recommended by the Arthritis Org. I have been able to manage the pain but worry that I am too sedentary and may be setting myself up for other health problems. I have started riding a stationary bike, working up to 30 minutes a day but wonder if this will make my knees so bad that I won't have any choice but to have them replaced. They don't hurt any worse since starting this exercise. Any advice?


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    RE: Exercising with osteoarthritis

    Maybe try swimming? That won't hurt your knees but will keep you active with no impact.
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    RE: Exercising with osteoarthritis

    Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise, as it uses so many muscle groups. Other exercises, while in the water will also reduce any impact on your joints. I have a friend your age that tries to exercise every day, in the Gulf. He's had knee problems as well and, walks without pain.
    Another modern medical treatment is stem cell therapy, it utilizes your own stem cells.
    There is an excellent article in NEWS MAX magazine, you may be able to access it over the web.
    Lastly, I've heard numerous anecdotal replies from people that have gotten off harmful Pharmaceuticals by using Relief Factor. I haven't tried it myself as my back pain isn't bothering me at least for now. It contains proven painkillers such as Tumeric etc.
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    RE: Exercising with osteoarthritis

    I am actually scheduled to have the first of two full knee replacements on March 5, 2019, and the second one in September. But I have been working out in preparation for the surgery, and also just to keep moving and not lose all of my strength!

    My experience is that both knees respond positively to getting a moderate amount of exercise. I don't do as much as 30 minutes on a stationary bike--I only do about 15--but it doesn't seem to hurt my knees further. I do a lot of yoga stretching and deep breathing, and a lot of upper body workout. I avoid any machine that involves leg impact, like the treadmill.

    I would say, let your body and your pain levels be your guide. Maybe take it more slowly on the bicycle if you are peddling fast right now. The bike does indeed put a strain on the knees--but some strain is probably good for building the muscles that support the knee joints.

    I confess to being very ambivalent about these surgeries, but at 69, I just can't stand the limitations to my movements and my comfort levels. If you are interested in my surgical outcome, just let me know.

    Meanwhile, all best to you. I know that if I were 75, I would think long and hard before deciding to subject myself to this very painful and rigorous surgery...TWICE!! I figure I will be devoting most of 2019 to surgery, recovery, and healing. I am just hoping for the best, and I wish the same for you!
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        I just saw your reply to my post about exercising with osteoarthritis & wanted to thank you for the suggestions and wish you good luck with your surgeries. I would definitely appreciate any information you are willing to post about your experience with total knee replacement. Again, wishing you the best outcome!
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    RE: Exercising with osteoarthritis

    Wow you are really active and that is amazing to hear! If your not taking turmeric that is a great supplement to add to your diet as it can help with inflammation. I also think that ginger is a powerful antioxidant. I also think that the exercise is great as it keeps the blood flowing and it helps with mobility. Micro-dosing cannabis oil has great benefits including pain management and reducing inflammation. Small amounts daily can improve the quality of life for anyone that is looking to help manage arthritis and even more severe osteoarthritis. I work with critically ill dogs and we have seen great results prolonging the original prognosis. Here is a video about cannabis oil and arthritis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MELddacW-yo I am not selling you anything, I am not the person in the video, I am simply giving information from what I have learned from using cannabis oil my self and for my family including our animals (:
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        I have a lot of experience in this field and YES the correct exercises does work. You just need to do the exercises correct. Seek a physioterapist. Look for NEMEX exercise on pubmed and you will find results and see for yourself that it works. I know it works because I worked with osteoartritis patients for 6 years and with science for 4 years. Did you try rosehip powder against osteoarthritis. I've read many articles about this treatment but I never heard any feedback. I've read racgp.org.au/afp/201207/47504 and https://castorolie.dk/ and both sources backs up that it should be affective as rosehip powder is a good antiinflammatory remedy. If you try it please tell me if it works and if you did try the NEMEX exercises!
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    RE: Exercising with osteoarthritis

    I also have osteoarthritis in both knees. I do water exercise and have been able to see excellent results. Don't have to use cane as much. My doctor is in total support of water exercise and band exercise.
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