• 9 months ago

    Back injury from lifting


    I'm writing to inquire about a back injury I sustained as a EMT working on a ambulance from 2015. I was with a partner lifting a heavy a paitent on gurney, when it collpased on me thus jerking me forward. Afterwards, I called the on duty shift supervisor and informed him of my injury and I was told to leave to the ER if I had " immediate 10/10 pain". Shortly there after I filed a wokers comepensation claim and was seen by their physican who remarked that It appeared to be " muscular sprain in nature and not a skeletal type of injury". I was given muscle relaxers and some light physical thearpy and was sent on my way .Cased closed.

    Fast forward to present day, I have neuropathy numbness in my hands, face, legs and body that is intermittent. I have seen a nuerologist through my own insurance, who ruled out a Syrinx which is a ( fluid filled cyst in my spinal chord) all my MRI's including lumbar, thoracic and cervical come back clear for any " nerve inpingement" but I still feel these symptoms. The offical explanation from the nuerologist was " inflmation". So once again, I have still have no solution to this issue and i'm expected to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories,NASID Ibuprofen and just " deal with it".

    Hopefully someone with more experience or advice can chan chime in.

    Thank you.