• 9 months ago

    What is with all the spam

    What is up with all the ads for male enhancement aids toys for boys & girls The naming of doctors, pt, hospital and other healthcare providers I find the naming of chiropractors most abusive chiropractors often kill their clients by rupturing blood vessels in the neck

    Then there is the name calling. I won't use the diabetes forum because one person uses that forum to force his agenda on you bullies you till you agree or leave everything is a conspiracy to keep us sick and how TRUMP will save the universe. What happened to these forums


  • 8 months ago

    RE: What is with all the spam

    I have to agree with you. There are several people that think they are experts. Push their narrow view points on others. There is one man who is telling people to take all these supplements they will improve your sex life. make you harder than a diamond. Never tells people that these supplements may interact with their medications and cause serious health problems even death. To check with their doctors before starting to take them. Disagree with these people and YOU GET DELETED BY WEBMD THAT WEBMD IS GOING TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT YOU GET THREATENED BY THESE PEOPLE AND WEBMD DOES NOTHING ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!
  • 8 months ago

    RE: What is with all the spam

    Hello and thank you for posting,

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