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    Total Hip Replacement?

    I am a 38 year old female who is an avid walker and was recently diagnosed with a labral tear in my right hip. After looking at my x-rays, I was also told that I had "shallow hips" and that they could fix the tear with surgery but more than likely it would tear again within 5 years or so and I would be in the same boat as I am now. He gave me 5 options. 1) Do nothing. 2) Cortisone shots for as long as can take them. 3) Surgery to fix the tear. 4) Acetabular osteotomy. 5) Total Hip Replacement. After questioning hip on recovery and how long it would take to be up and walking, working etc. the best option to me would be Total hip replacement. Is this what I should do? I have read comments and reviews and heard both, good and bad. I am nervous. I do have a lot of questions for the doctor and have them written down but is there any advice on other questions that I need ask?


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    RE: Total Hip Replacement?

    I am 33, I have 'shallow hips' also, or Hip Dysplasia to give it the correct name. I have had 8 surgeries in total in the last 10 years; including Arthroscopies (to fix tears), Osteotomies on both hips, a right hip replacement in Dec2015 and a left hip replacement 3 weeks ago. Just repairing the cartilage isn't solving the issue, so it will happen again and probably a lot sooner than 5 years (at 6 months I was in the same boat again). There is no way to tell how long the cortisone shots will keep you pain free... to quote my consultant "...could be 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months". I actually got 13 days.
    My Osteotomies didn't work. There was already too much damage and the damage continued after the Osteotomies.
    I left it far too long to take action, thinking unless I'm really suffering then what's the point of putting myself through it. In hindsight, it was going to happen regardless. I should've taken action asap meaning less meds (with their own side affects!) and less muscle atrophy.
    I have had to fight quite a lot to get the hip replacements... and i am out of pain for the first time in 15 years.

    Ultimately, only you can make the decision about any surgery. But if I could choose again... delaying isn't the best choice. It's about quality of life. How much pain are you in? How much damage is there to your joint? Is it arthritic? (And question for your doctor). Hip replacement may seem like a huge surgery, but these days it really isn't. I was 2 nights in hospital, they got me up out of bed 4 hours after surgery too. The Osteotomies were a far worse experience, however everyone is different and also I believe the surgery has progressed and is less invasive since I had it done.

    If you want more info, there are websites, forums and support groups available for Hip Dysplasia . May I suggest the following as a good place to start:



    Good luck! :)
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        Thank you for your response! I read everything on the web page of living with hip dysplasia. This is your story isn't it? I couldn't help but giggle a few times. My face would have been hilarious to see while I read your first 3 weeks. I have subscribed and will continue to follow.

        I have so many questions and so much anxiety that my mind changes from day to day. I have read so many results, all from good to horrible.
        I have written down questions to ask the doc, in which continue to grow. I have written down things I need to do prior to surgery. I have also written down things that I may need post op (I haven't even made the appt. yet). Again, anxiety. You might find this one funny but my dentist called yesterday and I even questioned her about the antibiotic that I will have to take before having my teeth cleaned. Yep, that bad!

        I am so sorry that you have lived with this your entire life and had so many surgeries and pain. I do, on the otherhand, love your sense of humor and outlook!! I will keep reading your updates and I do see you have a forum so I look forward to posting.

        Thank you for your suggestions!! :)
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    RE: Total Hip Replacement?

    I had total hip replacement surgery September 2016 and I am still recovering. There are at least two ways to do a hip replacement and obviously I selected the long and more painful of the two. One is much less invasive and the soft tissue is not tramautized as much and the healing takes place much faster. It was explained to me that they rotate your body and do not have to cut through muscle tissue and then reattach it after cutting the femor bone and installing the ball and then the cup. I wish you good luck in finding a Dr. that uses this procedure. I live in a city with over a million population and there is only 1 Dr here that does it that way. The recovery time is much much shorter with this less invasive procedure. Such is life. We all live and learn. The truth is that even with rehab the time frame for the for the invasive surgery is 8-12 months normal recovery time. I have heard as long as 3 years but I think that there is something wrong in that case. I do believe that 8-12 months is about right.

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    RE: Total Hip Replacement?

    Have the anterior procedure. Quicker healing and less pain. But, make sure your orthopedist has had a lot of experience @ this newer procedure and good reviews by patients. Luckily, my doctor travels the world teaching the procedure. I had the surgery one week ago and stopped using the walker today.