• over 1 year ago

    Bone on bone pain

    Both my knees are crippled with bone on bone osteoarthritis pain - the most severe.
    I am not a candidate for joint replacement surgery due to complications, which make me a very high risk patient ----- I'm likely to suffer clots, heart attack or a stroke in the OR.
    I'm in constant pain and can only walk VERY short distances. I'm also in a pain MGMT. program under the care of an MD./specialist.
    I live with severe pain most of my waking hours. I also have a very bad/ high pain lower back.
    Any thoughts on pain control other than what I'm doing?
    PT only seems to aggravate the pain. I spend most of my time on my back. I'm considerably overweight.... due to many courses of steroid treatments over the years.
    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
    Libby Glazer