• 11 months ago

    Long tern Rheumatic arthritis and pain killer addiction.

    My mother is suffering from Rheumatism since last 15 years. She is 51 years old.
    She has visited many doctors both modern medicines as well as Ayurvedic.
    Every doctor is giving a different treatment like biting around the bush.
    Non of the treatments have worked. One doctor prescribed many medicines including Calcium treatments. Another doctors prescribed some steroid injections. She has undergone all treatments and nothing has worked. She is now addicted to pain killer - Voltaflam (Dichlofenac). Everyday she takes 25 mg minimum or else she can't walk. Still at some times pain increases a lot and she has to increase the dose and has to become complete bed ridden.
    I want to know if any long term and safe treatment is there for Rheumatism ?
    Has this long term pain killer use has any side effect on heart and how to avoid that? She is not in a mood to for any alternate treatment at present time or to leave the painkiller medicine and I can't see her in such bad state of health any more.


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Long tern Rheumatic arthritis and pain killer addiction.

    I have bad Osteoarthritis, failed back surgery & did some studying on Natural Remedies & had a Family Doctor suggest to try Turmeric!! I could not believe how much it helped w/the swelling & Pain!
    I also have Fibromyalgia which is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas, so I read about Coenzyme Q10 supplement which also helped w/my body through out!
    I also was addicted to Opioid drugs for extreme pain for years & took what I had extra from That Doctor & Detoxed myself!! She wouldn't lower the dosage & I begged her to lower the dosage for about 6 months, because I was so Depressed & didn't know who I was anymore when I looked in the mirror! I was ready for the Hospital or just give up totally!
    I'll be 65 soon & understand addiction & how it kills not only your mind, but also your Soul!!
    Try to get through to your Mom how much you Love her & she needs to get out of bed & get her in a healthier life style, Turmeric & Coenzyme Q10 & some vitamins including D3, if her body can handle these! Then outside in the sun it gives the soul strength!!