• 2 months ago

    Arthritis in my future

    Hi all,

    I'm a 17-year-old boy with a passion for fitness.
    About 2 months ago, I was working out in the gym, doing a seated shoulder press with 15 kg dumbells. The chair shifted slightly underneath me, causing me to lose my balance and my hand, with the weights in its grip and mid-air, to go behind my shoulder. It was painful. So basically MRIs revealed a posteroinferior labral tear, along with a chondral defect in the glenoid and an osteochondral lesion (yes I know what this means. I'm not rattling off the report LOL). I sat on it for a while, as per the doc's advice, doing the recommended physio. It didn't help. So I got an arthroscopic surgery done on my shoulder to fix it. During the surgery, it was found that the region between the tear and the defect on the glenoid was loose and not attached to the socket of my shoulder. That loose segment of the glenoid was cut out and the labrum was stretched over to cover that removed segment. Also, micro-fracturing was done. Now the doctor's visit during the post-op recovery leads me to my problem. During this visit, he tells me that weightlifting and all to a certain light extent is fine after around four months and for the rest of my life (when I say light, I'm speaking in my terms, e.g. a bicep curl of 50kg or a deadlift of 120kg etc) but bodyweight exercise should be severely restricted unless I want a high likelihood of early-onset arthritis. The same goes for me exceeding the weightlifting parameters I just mentioned. I'm not trying to sound impossible here or seem like I'm throwing a tantrum, being of the young age that I am, but weightlifting and other sorts of fitness, in general, are crucial to me. I can live a life without them, but not a content one. On the other hand, the huge threat of early-onset arthritis is not a pleasant thought.

    I was hoping someone here would have suggestions for me.

    1) Please do not suggest running, that is my base level of fitness, I could do that on my deathbed.
    2) I am not trying to go against my doctor's wishes or such.
    3) This is not a request for encouragement or a cry for attention. I am very focused towards my recovery, and nothing will stop me from returning to the world of fitness with full force, but I need to approach that return with extreme caution.

    Kind regards, and thanks in advance.