• 9 months ago

    shoulder osteoarthritis

    I have been diagnosed with 3 different problems with my rt shoulder, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear and osteoarthritis. The tear happened about 6 months ago, I tried self help with otc. It helped somewhat, but dr sent me to pt 6 weeks ago, I was concerned pt would make the tear worse;after about 4 weeks of therapy and noticing improvements in both affected areas, the therapist was very very harsh in her session in that it drove me to tears. The next day I noticed the symptoms of the tear (numbing, tingling, sharp pain in certain movements) were back. At the next appointment, she apologized. Because of that harsh session, I decided to stop therapy, I felt that it did more harm to the tear. The therapist has called 3x apologizing, that therapy would be most beneficial for my shoulder pain. I am not sure what to do, I have talked to 2 different friends who had tears,both went to pt and both had gotten worse after pt, one had to get surgery. I am still doing the exercises 2x day, but not sure if I need to continue with therapy. I believe I have osteoarthritis in my left shoulder as well but insurance would only pay for 1 mri.