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    RA and playing the cello

    I have an adult student who had been playing cello for 50+ years but had to stop a year ago due to the onset of RA. Now when she forms a hand position, her knuckle joints collapse instead of staying rounded, which I believe is due to her not having played all that time.

    We're working on strengthening the finger muscles, using small stress balls, but her fingers are also at an angle from the base knuckles, which I know is a hallmark of RA, and they need to be at a straight, right angle.

    My question: can the fingers be induced to grow straight if they're kept straight? We're looking to design a special brace that she can wear for long periods that we're hoping will allow her fingers to become straighter.


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    RE: RA and playing the cello

    Even without RA the repetitive action of musicians are know to cause repetitive stress injuries. I would look for a physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor) or physical therapist who specializes in performing artist.
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        That's the best advice/ I was going to say the same thing.
        Meds slow the process too