• 1 month ago

    My post is about osteoarthritis for the past 40 years

    Like everything else there are no experts in osteoarthritis because we are all different,in what we do what we eat and also what we take . I have bad osteoarthritis in the back , neck , spine knees , shoulder and ankle . I got one knee replacement 7 years ago and it did not really help because it always interferes with ligaments or something else . I went too the clinic post 3 years and was told that my ankle would have to be operated on right away and to come in as soon as possible , i am still going too the gym sauna 3 times per week and I believe i have only imp engagement on the ankle . I do not use drugs for pain yet or or for inflammation but i do use quiet a lot of turmeric with black pepper, vit D3 with K2 , boswellia and devils claw . I live in ireland where it rarely stops raining for the past few months. Cold weather does not bother me or and natural heat really helps . The damp climate rain and the barometric pressure is very bad for osteoarthritis . I go to Asia every year for one month and the heat really helps me . I have lived in 12 countries and the rain always caused problems.
    I am here because my wife could not take the heat in Spain because of getting cancer . Mark my word there are no experts in osteoarthritis . M.T . Thanks.