• 2 months ago

    Osteoarthritis success

    I had osteoarthritis show up in both my shoulders ??? I have never had even an inkling of shoulder problems in my entire 55 yrs. Then one day I woke up and thought I had slept on my shoulder the wrong way - I continued to carry on with daily activities and exercise but immediatly started treating the pain as osteoarthritis and encorporated stretching, strength exercises to deal with the stiffness, loss of range of motion , weakness, and pain - It has been 1 yr that this has been going on and along with above I added a superior quality magnesium bisglycinate ( not your drug store brand ) after much reasearching decided to put it to the test 3 weeeks in and I have quieted the pain, stiffness and have about 90 % range of motion back - I mean I have used hot tubs, swimming, tia chi, inversion, yoga, bands, weights, all of this of course helped but once I added the magnesium to really took a change for the better - I take 2 caps 3Xs per day morning, afternoon and evening and within days I was sleeping through the nite without interuptions from my shoulders - I do believe I have this under control without pharmacuticals - I will update in a few months to confirm for sure if magnesium is the key - so far so good though for the first time in a year