• 19 days ago

    whats going on with my knee?

    I was and still am I guess overweight.... @ 5'8" I was 330 lbs. and when I would stand or walk for too long the outside( my right) of my right knee (only) would get numb and send shooting pain up and across my thigh gradually until it hit my groin area( specifically testes) and when that happened I was done.... it rarely happened and I thought perhaps I should get shoe inserts and that seemed to help, until I hired a trainer/nutritionist and joined a gym. Now I'm @ 270, and steadily losing weight, however in most of my workouts as well as more often anywhere it happens more frequently and progresses quicker.... its coupled with a spindley( grinding maybe) kind of feeling around knee especially when doing squats(sometimes with popping) and treadmill. It really has started to become almost daily when on feet too long and getting off my feet relieves the pain and slowly reverses the numbness. I still have 50 pounds to go till my target weight of 220, and im afraid this will hinder my progress......any thoughts? Please , and Thank you.


  • 17 days ago

    RE: whats going on with my knee?

    grinding...popping...shooting pain...?

    I'm sad that you are working with "experts" so insensitive to your present condition. Go to youtube and search "chair exercises". Good grief, any trainer with an oz of common sense would start you off with gentler and safer forms of exercise.

    But, here's the bottomline: I know your goal is too lose weight. And, like 99% of the folks that require "serious" weight loss, two things are most often commonly prevalent:
    1. You think exercise is your primary problem, and
    2. You haven't taken the time to understand why you have a weight problem (what's the root cause).

    No amount of exercise will be successful for you until you learn to eat, right (and, if you're still eating Costco frozen section stuff and eating half your meals, out, forget it...there's no hope for you). Proper diet is essential for reversing insulin resistance (root cause) and until you learn how to deplete glycogen stores in your liver and start burning fat for energy, you'll re-gain the weight, back, guaranteed.

    All exercise does is burn blood glucose. If you don't eat a proper diet, all you're doing is dumping more glucose from digested carbs back into the bloodstream. People with weight issues never learn how to burn fat. This is why they go round and round and re-gain, again and again.

    But, I digress. Your exercise program is medieval if your experiencing pain. Exercise whatever you believe you must. But, nobody is going to convince you different. You watched those fools on the "The Biggest Loser" and you think, "I have to be sobbing when jogging" on the beach!" That show duped all overweight people!

    Question: Why in the world did all the contestants have to be "sequestered" in a "bootcamp"?

    Answer: Because, if allowed to go home and feed themselves (the junk they normally ate), nobody would lose any weight, Einsteins!