• 23 days ago

    hand cramping and pain. Mostly during the night

    I have a couple ideas and a couple fears about what might be happening but i also don't know what kind of doctor i'm supposed to see about this. my symptoms are isolated to both of my hands. I find that they fall asleep very easily in what i can only think of as restricted circulation positions such as my hands on a mouse or my elbow firmly bent. This isn't the main issue however. When i'm sleeping most nights my hands will cramp sometimes even be in quite a lot of pain. When i first wake up the strength in my hands is gone, sometimes they're not even able to close completely. Soaking in hot water helps alleviate these symptoms but they go away on their own pretty quickly. half an hour to an hour. I thought it could be repetitive strain disorder considering i work construction and use my hands a lot but notice no correlation, if not complementary signs of hand pain and work performed. what i mean is the days where my hands receive the most trauma is not the most painful nights i have. I am a recovering addict with 3 years clean but i was a heavy intravenous user and i used to inject into my hands mostly. These symptoms are new, a few months maybe, and as i said i haven't used drugs in a long time. When i'm asleep like everyone else my heart rate is slower and if there is an obstruction due to drug use it would make sense for my hands to fall asleep but not cramp and unlikely to affect both hands equally. If it's muscle related why is it not worse when i'm, for example, operating a jack hammer all day which causes vibration trauma. Any ideas on what's going on would be great but most importantly what kind of doctor am i supposed to see about this?