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    Help please-osteoarthritis pain

    Hi I’m new to this forum but I would really appreciate some help/advice. Im a 49 year old woman and Ive been suffering for the past 4 years. I have bilateral osteoarthritis in my hands, hips, knees and midfeet and I also have osteoarthritis in my lumber spine. I also have bursitis in both my hips. All my arthritis has been diagnosed by x-ray and I have had an MRI scan off my feet which also showed up some inflammation. I had to pay privately to get my MRI done. I am in constant pain even at night. I’m taking co-codamol but can’t take anti-inflammatories because they make me feel sick. I don’t see any specialist about my condition and the only information I have on it I got online. I’m visiting my GP tomorrow but I find it very difficult to get across to her how sore I am. Does anyone suffer from osteoarthritis in all these joints? Is it normal? What pain medication is everyone on? Should I be seeing a specialist and if so what kind? And how do I talk to my GP? Sorry for the long winded message but I’m just desperate for some help and relief. Thank you so much in advance x


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    RE: Help please-osteoarthritis pain

    I will assume you have been fighting this condition for several years and, unfortunately, to no avail. Second, the condition has worsened and you fear, if it gets worst, still, "omg......."!

    My advice: You're trying to fight the arthritis. The problem is, arthritis is only a "symptom"...it's the end result (of a root cause). If somebody came by your house, in the middle of the night, and painted your front door, red, would you just keep re-painting your door, white, everytime the lunatic, visited? That's what you're doing by treating a "symptom".
    Instead of catching the lunatic (root cause), you're just re-painting.

    The root cause is insulin resistance. Another symptom you failed to mention was weight gain...or, high blood pressure...or, high fasting blood sugar...or, high triglycerides...

    .............Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation, inflammation, inflammation...............

    You see, without full details on your present state, you want a miracle answer. Sadly, without full details to consider, no miracles will be forthcoming.

    If you defeat the insulin resistance, you'll reduce the inflammation. Reduce the inflammation, eliminate the arthritis.

    You're barking up the wrong tree. This is what happens to people who try to beat a challenge without doing the necessary "homework". Unfortunately, this challenge you're trying to resolve requires a ton of homework. Socrates said, "All inflammation originates from the gut!"
    He was a very smart man, ol' Socrates...
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    RE: Help please-osteoarthritis pain

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