• 8 months ago

    Possible RA diagnosis ?????

    About 3 months ago, I broke out in hives and a major rash. I was itchy mainly on my arms, then it moved all over. I went to the doctor, was given meds thinking it was stress related. The rash didn't go away and went to see a dermatologist. They ended up doing a biopsy (he seemed to think a drug allergy) the results came back that it could be some kind of blood cancer. He still believes it was drug allergy as the skin doesn't resemble blood cancer's. I went to my regular doctor the other day for sever shoulder pain, and we were talking about the rash. She decided to take blood to test for a few things. The RF factor came back extremely high (41.4). Now I have to wait over a month to get into see the rheumatologist. I know that I have been extremely tired, no energy to do anything. I am still nervous about not knowing what exactly is going on as all results are not back yet. I just have no idea what to expect.... :(


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Possible RA diagnosis ?????

    Waiting is the hardest part as I had to wait too. Rheumatoid Factor can be used to diagnose RA as well as other rheumatic diseases. Anti-CCP is specific for RA. Have you been tested for this?

    I am sure your RA doc will order a slew of tests which will help determine if you have rheumatic disease and what type.

    Good luck!