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  • 10 hours ago

    Suffering from dibilatating RA..

    Started having symptoms last September.. Scared to go to doctor because I was not looking forward to what I had.. Diagnosed 3 months ago with severe RA, have had numerous steroid shoots, started on MTX.. Only helped a day or so at most then I'd swell right back up.. Hands and fingers mostly.. But MTX makes me exstreamly sick to my stomach also makes me feel outa my mind.. Changed script to ARAVA., helps for a day or 2, now I've been swollen back up for over 3 days, can't use my hands....
  • 1 day ago

    Just wanting to know if anybody has taking Blackseed cumin oil with IV Profen

    I take Blackseed cumin oil for inflammation and arthritis and I want to take ibuprofen sometimes with that my doctor said it would be OK but when I was reading on it they acted like it might not be so I thought I would get a second opinion is anybody out there have any details thank you
  • 1 day ago

    How to Treat Osteoarthritis?

    Hi, I am suffering knee pain for 1 month. Before I did not any pain on my knee. I was going to medical doctor (Orthopedic Doctor) and prescribe me X-ray and pain killer. finally X-ray report is Osteoarthritis . Doctor prescribe me a medicine Tab- Carticare Max for 30 days. Actually I have no pain now but some time feel abnormal in knee joint . What I can do now? Have it treatment naturally?
  • 2 days ago

    Joint Pain (feet,knees, hands)

    Please someone help. In November I started waking up with locked knees and pain in both feet when I applied pressure. I addressed it to my doctor and he ran blood work to check for arthritis but everything came back normal. Over time it became worse and I started getting pains in my wrist and fingers. My doctor then referred me to a hand specialist for steroid injections. This did not help. Everyday it has worsened and I can hardly walk and use my right hand. I am only 39 and do not do physical labor....
  • 4 days ago

    Pain/swelling 14 month's after TKR

    I had my right knee done 14 months ago it's ALWAYS been stiff even though I did agressive PT for almost 3 month's then Dr took me out and put me into pool therapy it worked but never lost swelling or stiffness it's pops constantly loudly. It's been manipulated 2 times with the second making it unbearable to front rise leg lift anymore like j have NO quad strength anymore it's agonizing I've had a ton of tests with ALL saying it ok...other than ONE xray showing a void in the....
  • 5 days ago

    Hip Replacement

    I had a total hip replacement about four weeks ago and the surgery went well but it is the post surgery that is so hard. I still have alot of pain and swelling and walking is difficult. I may be in to much of a hurry or to hard on myself because I think I should be walking without the help of a cane.
  • 5 days ago

    Anyone have arthritis on the "sit bone" in your butt cheek?

    I have arthritis and spurs on the "sit bone" inside of my left butt cheek. I am confined to a wheelchair and can no longer sit up all day long. I have to lay down about 16 hours a day. Does anyone else have this problem? I sit on two 3" cushions when I am sitting up but it still hurts. Just wondering if anyone has found a better solution.
  • Why's my cartilage so frail?

    First diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee at 35. Thought it was no big deal, hah! 21yrs later, over 20+ surgeries! An athlete starting at age 9. Stopped slappers whe married at 22, but, waited tables starting at 17 for over 20 yrs. NO serious injuries EVER! BUT , joints began to fail, got them replaced. Told by an orthopedist, that I have "frail cartilage". Why? How? What does it mean? What can I do? My lifestyle has always been active! I'm loosing myself to this! Photo of latest....

  • 14 days ago

    Advice needed for new hip replacement "requirements"

    I am having a total hip replacement in a few weeks. The Doctors & hospital are all saying I need to go home 2 nights after surgery. I live alone. How in the heck can they expect people to go home and take care of themselves, plus drive themselves to P.T. & Dr. only a few days after surgery??? I could use advice or how others have dealt with these "new" regulations. I have been fighting for at least a few days of transitional care after surgery, but here are no guarantees. ---and....
  • 15 days ago

    Living with arthritis knee pain

    For the past year I have dealt with pain in my right knee. Doctors have diagnosed it as severe arthritis. I have tried physical therapy, cortisone injection and gel injection. They only provide temporary relief. Now I am experiencing pain in my left knee along with pain in my hip. It's very sad for those that have to suffer and live with arthritis to be told by insurance companies that we can't have replacement knee surgery until all other treatments have been attempted. In the meantime I....