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  • 2 days ago

    Pain in leg (thigh, knee and especially lower leg)

    Hello all ! I have been experiencing a number of problems with my right leg, including pain in my thigh, knee and my calf/shin). The pain is there most of the time and I'm now limping almost anytime I walk. Walking up stairs usually increases the pain. It's especially bad anytime I get up after sleeping - my leg is very stiff, I feel like I could fall and I have a very intense pain in my lower leg. I definitely have hip arthritis with narrowing and spurring in the right hip and degenerative....
  • 2 days ago

    Leg longer than the other after knee replacment.

    I discovered that my right leg (knee replacment ) is about 1/2 an inch longer than my left leg. I discovered this after starting physical therapy. My therapist and surgeon were shocked. They suggested that I get lifts put on my shoes or put lifts inside my shoes. I now wear lifts in my left shoe. However, as a result of being longer on the operated side, my knee is now perminitely bent and I throw my back out of alignment. Has anyone had a similar experience and how was it corrected?
  • 4 days ago

    The benefits of taking a turmeric sup.

    started taking turmeric sup a month ago for inflammation to reduce some of the arthritis pain, it seems to be working. I am looking for thoughts on other peoples results, and what is a proper dosage.
  • 4 days ago

    What is with all the spam

    What is up with all the ads for male enhancement aids toys for boys & girls The naming of doctors, pt, hospital and other healthcare providers I find the naming of chiropractors most abusive chiropractors often kill their clients by rupturing blood vessels in the neck Then there is the name calling. I won't use the diabetes forum because one person uses that forum to force his agenda on you bullies you till you agree or leave everything is a conspiracy to keep us sick and how TRUMP will save....
  • 8 days ago

    Back injury from lifting

    Hello, I'm writing to inquire about a back injury I sustained as a EMT working on a ambulance from 2015. I was with a partner lifting a heavy a paitent on gurney, when it collpased on me thus jerking me forward. Afterwards, I called the on duty shift supervisor and informed him of my injury and I was told to leave to the ER if I had " immediate 10/10 pain". Shortly there after I filed a wokers comepensation claim and was seen by their physican who remarked that It appeared to be "....
  • 13 days ago

    Beta Rheumatoid Mom

    I was very recently diagnosed with RA, and even more recently informed my disease is severe. Collectively, the news is so fresh I am still trying to figure out how to wrap my head around it. Truthfully, it all feels so surreal. My denial is singing a song to the tune of 'there must be some mistake"; then there are bouts of the volume dimming and I'm finding myself wondering how much time I have and what "crippled" me looks like. The circle I have shared this with is rather....
  • 13 days ago

    RA diagnosis pending

    Hello everyone, I am a 55 yr old mom of 4. I have been having health issues for some time now. i finally had a doctor run tests while I was hospitalized for a different issue. unfortunately even thought the ANA panel was postive, sed rate elevated, etc, nothing was done. I spoke with my regular doc today and he says someone at the hospital must have dropped the ball and is referring me to a Rheumatologist. I have pain in the joints in my ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. I have unexplained itch....
  • 13 days ago

    Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment.

    Been on methotrexate several years. Just recently I had a flare-up in my fingers; as well as gout in big toe and index finger. Doctor wanted to put me on Otexla but my co-pay is 100.00. I am retired and don't want to have to pay that amount. Now she wants me to start on Remicade. My wife who is a nurse says doing meds by iv is going to the extreme. She says I should discuss with doctor about something different. Any suggestions or maybe what has worked for others.
  • 14 days ago

    Blowing through mediation

    First time posting. I have RA and Fibromyalgia. My pain is limiting me on a daily basis. Currently using prednisone taper. Just started Actemra. Also thinking I should see a psychologist because I am depressed. I'm sure others are experiencing the same..any advice encouragement is welcome.
  • 14 days ago


    lookin for better results from medication . Has anyone tried xeljanz, currently on methtraxate w/ remacade infusions every 2 months. I feel like my life is being robbed from me.