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    Could I have Arthritis?

    Okay, so I'm only 16 but I've broken bones in both ankles several times in the past as well as various other bones close to joints. I've been getting severe joint pain with no injury to the area. It's worse when it's cold outside and I was wondering if I could possibly have arthritis already as my doctors warned me I will most likely have it later on in life due to the damage around my joints. I would love some feedback weather you this this is or isn't possible.
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    How do you deal with the fatigue?

    Most days I just feel totally wiped out. I don't have the energy to go to the store or even do laundry. It takes a lot for me to just cook dinner. I don't want to feel this way. Has anyone found anything that really works to battle the fatigue? I'd greatly appreciate your suggestions!
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    Friends and family don't believe me...

    My family, particularly my husband, does not believe that I struggle with immense pain daily. Has anyone else had this experience?
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    Hi there my name is Robyn,im 21 years old this is all new to me and im really not sure what im doing so please bare with me. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine in march after months of pain,discomfort and physiotherapy. the doctors have said each day i can walk is a blessing as i could end up paralysed at any time so physiotherapy has now stopped due to the dangers and as you can imagine its tough not knowing if when i wake up i will be able to do my usual routine with my 2 year old....
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    Can Methotrexate cause various infections.
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    In constant pain from RA and back problems

    I am 72 and was diagnosed with RA when I was 30. I have osteoporosis and scoliosisosis too! I'm in constant severe pain. Please, if there are any suggestions, I would be so grateful!
  • 6 days ago

    Knee Replacements

    Aug 2014 on a Fri. I had my right knee replaced when I woke up my leg from my hip to my foot was swallowen On Sun I was moved to a second nursing home for rehab after 28 days they released me. My surgeon said in a year it would get better. After 6 mo. I saw another surgeon he said he put the wrong knee in after three revisions and four mep. In June 2015I had the left knee replaced. My legs from my knees down swell really bad. I use wraps to help the lower part of my legs and a dompression device....
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    Having fibromyalgia and arthritis

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. My family doesn't believe that stress, being aggravated, being tense, fighting, arguing or yelling makes everything worse for me. I will wake up the next day feeling like I was just totally ran over by a truck; they just don't understand the magnitude of it.