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  • 4 hours ago

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  • 2 months ago

    Hives from cat?

    The last 2 months I’ve woken up with hives all over my forearms that fade slightly during the day. I finally went to a doctor and they’re trying a steroid to eliminate them. If that doesn’t work I’ll probably be going to an allergist or dermatologist. I have 2 cats and a mild cat allergy. They just make me a little sniffly and sometimes my eyes itch. Maybe once a year when I get a scratch it forms a hive with it but that’s it. They’ve been sleeping on my bed for years but they’ve started sleeping....
  • over 1 year ago

    Strange rash on foot

    I have a small hive like rash that just showed up on my foot. It's raised and itches. One is circular and one is kind of snake like. I recently got a full allergy skin prick test, and had a couple of allergies, but nothing crazy. I have been taking xyzal daily since the test. Does anyone know what this might be? Could it be a non - allergy related problem?
  • over 1 year ago

    Sudden cat allergy?

    I’ve lived with cats my whole life and for two months I’ve been working with them also. Today I was playing with the cats at work and started feeling itchy all over especially my ankles. I thought it was mozzies but when I got home and took my shoes off the tops of my feet had hives on them and were very itchy. They went away but a few hours later they came back and I had a a few on my upper arms too. Is it possible to develop a cat allergy in a day? Also, I’ve had sore sinuses and a runny nose for....
  • over 1 year ago

    One-time allergic reaction

    Something really strange recently happened. I'm a dog lover. Animal lover really, but dogs ard the only animal i'm not allergic to (or so i thought) so that's the only type of animal i can be around. I have a dog at home (for 9 years now) but since i'm studying away from home i don't see her much. So naturally i go 'awwww!!' Over every dog i see and praise myself lucky whenever i get to cuddle one. The other day i met a lovesick puppy (very loveable bulldog) on the bus....
  • over 1 year ago

    ALLERGY please help

    Hi to all. I have some sort of allergy, which only appears when I sweat. It appears on the forearm and the stomach. When the body cools, allergy disappears. The rash is pink with tiny dots. I was in the dermatologist, he did not help me. Rash is not itchy. All my tests are fine. The blood test is fine. Immunity is great. What cause this? Is this something i should be worried about. I search on google and get scared this Rash they Connects to sexually transmitted diseases like Hiv, or Aids... Sorry....
  • over 1 year ago

    Eye drops for allergies

    I recently learned that I can no longer use the discount coupons provided by the drug manufacturers with my insurance company because they now block those discount cards. Any anyone recommend an inexpensive alternative to Pazeo eye drops which are almost $200? I have a high deductible insurance plan so I would have to pay the full amount.
  • over 1 year ago

    what type of bug is this?

    Recently, I’ve been waking up to bug bites for the last three days. Each day I will wake up randomly in the middle of the night due to itching and then realize that I’ve been stung. The first time it was one bite on my arm and it ended up swelling double it’s size. The second time was on my leg and that one stayed normal, but today, I got multiple little bites all the way down my arm. If anyone knows how to make the swelling go away, or what type of bug this is and HOW TO GET RID OF IT, that would....
  • over 2 years ago

    Allergic to Rabbits

    Three years ago I had a rabbit. However every time I was around it, I was always sneezing and getting itchy eyes. I think it was the hairs of the rabbit that caused this to happen. Does this mean I am allergic to it? Are these enough symptoms to say I have an allergy?
  • over 2 years ago

    Allergy shots with no symptoms

    For over a year, I've been taking allergy shots with no symptoms. I was told I was allergic to every single thing on my the skin test (all trees, molds, pet dander, etc., etc) but I have no symptoms other than a bit of mucus on my throat. I had an endoscopy. Nothing wrong. Since the shots aren't helping or making me feel better...since I cannot tell I have any allergies because there don't seem to be any of the regular symptoms others have (running nose, eyes, sneezing, etc), why am I....