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  • 3 days ago

    Used Chloraseptic throat spray

    I awoke with a sore throat so my suggested that Iuse the spray. I sprayed with the nozzle in the front of my mouth x3, having no results. So about 45 minuets later I tried it again, I began to fell my top lip swell with some slight itching of my eyes and my throat was still sore. Several hours later my top lip looks as if it might explode, throat still sore and eyes aren’t swollen itch a little. Took 3 25mg Benydral at 10am & at 5pm lip still the same. Do I use ice heat or what?

  • 4 days ago


    So what IGE mean? What is the 79 mean? I don't understand.
  • 6 days ago

    Mom has sever itching with no rash

    My mother is going through severe itching for about 6 months now. I am so afraid she will not be able to take it anymore with no sleep or relief. Has been on neurontin which helped for 2 days but had to increase and increase for any relief but came to the point of made her shaky and speechless. Doctor said to stop immediately which she did but is itching tremendously. What could all this be. We have been through test after test after test as well. Is there anyone that can provide things to try other....
  • 6 days ago

    Help needed, cold or allergies? I need it to stop!

    I am in a cold place for the first time and I become sick the moment winter hits. Some say it's allergies and some say I am weak against the 'cold'. Thing is , my nose gets blocked and it's very hard to breathe and fevers come and go. This has happened before. I am in a place that is polluted. I have tried, nasal spray and nebulizers. If any other information needed to help out , please do ask away. I need Help. Seriously.
  • 7 days ago

    Weird hives breakout from sweating?

    Hello, I'm 16 years old so is difficult for me to go directly to a doctor to get this checked up on but ever since last year every time theres a change in temperature in my body I start itching and get hives. I'm a competitive horse back rider and it really gets in the way of my focus;when these hives break out I also get extremely nauseous and cant breathe correctly so I have to stop with my activity. During gym class this also took place from running. Even if I start laughing at something....
  • 7 days ago

    New painful reaction

    I have been wearing the same watch for almost six months now with absolutely no problems. However, over the last day or two I’ve developed a painful rash with swelling in some places underneath the watchband. It’s only happening in the places the band touches me. I’m SEVERELY allergic to latex and the band is made of rubber, but the company that makes it swears up and down that there is no latex in it and if there was I would have reacted long ago. I haven’t done, touched, or eaten anything unusual....
  • 8 days ago

    Painful Red Bump Leaking Pus

    I am an 18 year old male. I am very active and have never had any health problems. However, about a week ago, I found a tiny red bump about an inch below my bellybutton, and it itched and hurt a little. (This is almost definitely unrelated, but I noticed the bump about 5 minutes after I tucked my shirt in... At first I just thought the buttons scratched me or something) Over the next few days, it grew until it became a lump the size of my thumb, sticking out about a half-inch from my stomach. It....
  • 10 days ago

    Chronic Hives (3 months) Rashes disappearing and a new one coming right after

    I've been dealing with chronic hives for 3 months now, it all started after a sinus infection from a cold way back in September. I remember I took a mucinex to help with my sinus infection and I suddenly felt itchy and discovered hives forming on my arms and legs which then became rash patches. Usually around 2 or 3 rash patches will form and then go away. After they go away another 2 or 3 rash patches come up. I've been taking Cetirizine & methylprednisolone for it. I first started with....
  • 10 days ago

    Allergic to Rabbits

    Three years ago I had a rabbit. However every time I was around it, I was always sneezing and getting itchy eyes. I think it was the hairs of the rabbit that caused this to happen. Does this mean I am allergic to it? Are these enough symptoms to say I have an allergy?
  • 20 days ago

    Antibiotic for Eustacian Tube issue's...

    Hi, so early September came down with Bronchitis for four week's. Docs put me on two rounds of different antibiotics and finally felt better. They also told me to start using Flonase as well. So shortly after caught another cold and then started developing really bad ear pain. That went on for 3 week's. Went on Augmentin after 2 1/2 weeks of dealing with the pain. It helped a little. Went on for another week. I saw an ENT who said hearing is good, pressure is good, and no fluids in the ear's....