• 6 months ago


    I take steroids for the second year. There have never been any allergies from it, but now there are red spots on the hand. Today I talked with a friend and he told me that it is best to take SARM. Explain what is the difference?


  • 6 months ago


    Why do you think this was caused by the steroids? It might be from every other thing that you eated. Every health problems that you'll have will be part of the risk that you assumed when taking Steroids. If this allergy was caused by the Steroids then it's the easiest fine that your body pays. But your friend is right, think about the SARMs although it's a little too late. You should have started with them. The main difference between the SARMs and Steroids is the risk-gain ration. The SARMs involve a much lower risk and a lower gain compaired to the Steroids. There's an entire article about them on https://www.trickortreatment.com/best-sarms/