• 1 month ago

    Hives from cat?

    The last 2 months I’ve woken up with hives all over my forearms that fade slightly during the day. I finally went to a doctor and they’re trying a steroid to eliminate them. If that doesn’t work I’ll probably be going to an allergist or dermatologist.

    I have 2 cats and a mild cat allergy. They just make me a little sniffly and sometimes my eyes itch. Maybe once a year when I get a scratch it forms a hive with it but that’s it. They’ve been sleeping on my bed for years but they’ve started sleeping more on my side lately. Could these hives just be from prolonged contact to where they sleep?

    A little background; I’ve washed the bedding and no change. Haven’t changed detergents and my clothes don’t bother me. No bedbugs, I’ve checked thoroughly a few times and, unfortunately, I’m familiar with what to look for. My husband isn’t waking up with any bumps, it’s just me. I have no problems petting the cats or if they sit on my lap or lick me. When I went on a 3 day vacation I didn’t notice any new hives. All I can guess is it’s from the bed. I’ve just never heard of such a thing and I’m miserable. Any input or advice on what to do or to tell my doctor would be a huge help. Thank you.