• over 3 years ago

    New and not sure where this post may belong.....

    Well, I am new to this site and have some ailments that I am trying to see if they are linked together somehow. I have TMJ, rosacea, mild Hidradentitis Supportova or some call it acne inversa, bouts of silent and non silent acid reflux, very mild eczema, high cholesterol, halitosis or bad breath probably from the acid reflux, seasonal allergies, asthma but it is acid reflux and allergy/exercise driven, a vitamin D deficiency, muscle and joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, and I am considered obese. I am 5 ft tall and weight is 230. I have had two meniscal repairs on my left knee and it hurts. My chiropractor thinks I have a case of a bakers cyst behind that same knee and it hurts occasionally. I am wondering if all of these ailments are linked somehow. I know diet and exercise are key but it hurts to exercise. I want to and need to lose weight but have been heavy since puberty and no thyroid issues that I or my doctor are aware of. Could any of this be related and if so how can I be directed to find out? I am wondering if it is a food sensitivity or allergy that I am unaware of that is causing all of these inflammatory responses in my body. Can they be immune driven ? any help or assistance is greatly appreciated.