• 6 months ago

    Burning sensation on neck with no visible redness. Allergic Reaction?

    I have a rather large skin abscess on my neck from an ingrown hair or debris after shaving. It appears that it is on its way to healing well as its not as huge and firm as before. I also believe it has already drained as their is a huge crater hole left behind. Anyways, I was taking Amoxicillin Clavulanate 875/125, and shortly after taking it i would develop a pretty bad fever. It would seem to come in waves. It helped with my infected abscess as it visibly looks much better. However, the area around my neck to my ears burns like it has sunburn, but there is no redness, blistering or anything that would concern me that anything is wrong with the skin in these areas. Its feverish as well, hot to the touch. I believe this started after taking the amoxicillin? Could this be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic? I can find anything online anywhere which talks about a sunburn feeling in skin that has no visible redness or damage. I should note that i also have this feeling very mildly on the tops of my hands.