• 6 months ago

    Itchy rash after being in plane?

    Past few trips I've had, my face has broken out into some itchy patches that swell in places and itch so much. They take about 6 days to fully go away. It has gotten worse with every trip, to the point that my whole face looks red sometimes. I talked to my doctor and he just said to take allergy meds everyday twice a day and I have been doing that to prepare for my honeymoon, even took benadryl along with the meds to prevent it. But when I got on the plane I started itching immediately b4 we even took off. It can't be pressure or anything of high altitude since that plane never took off and was actually canceled. We got off and i was red again and itching.
    Got on another plane and took off on a 5 hour flight. Got to the hotel and I'm covered in red patches that swell and im extremely itchy. Meds don't help. I don't think it's allergies....idk what to do, doctors don't seem to know what it is.
    Any experience with this?