• 6 months ago

    Whats causing my allergies?

    My nose runs non-stop, as does the post nasal drip. I cough, sneeze, and wheeze. This happens all year round. I've been tested for allergies 4 times. Nothing ever bothered me until I was a sophomore in high school, and now I'm 60, and its all still going on. One doctor told me that people can grow into and out of allergies, and I'm praying one day, I'll grow out of them again! But, I've tried everything the pharmaceutical companies have come up with, to my knowledge, and everything OTC. I do use a Neti pot, which does improve things somewhat. When I was tested, I did have slight reactions to molds, cigarette smoke, cow dander, and sheep sorrel. I do go into barns with cattle on a friend's farm, but my symptoms don't worsen. Sheep sorrel, I was told, grows in Arizona. I live in Western NY, and have never been to Arizona. As for mold and cigarette smoke, I was told to never take penicillian, and to stay away from smokers (I've never smoked).
    Anyone got any ideas as to what is bugging me, and what to do about it? I also get sinus infections when the allergies get bad, and I have had to take breathing treatments with albuterol when the wheezing gets bad.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Whats causing my allergies?

    You still don't know the reason of your problem... Are you sure that it is an allergy? If it's so you need to find out your own allergens. Without this, it's hard to help you. So you need to find local specialist, that can help you to find out.
      • 6 months ago
        I’ve been tested for allergies 3 times over the past 40 years. The only reactions I get, are slight ones, to mold, sheep sorrel, and cows. Not dairy products, but the actual farm animal. And, to cigarette smoke.
        I was told to never take penicillin; as a teen, I was prescribed penicillin, and got a rash (not hives). The dr said this may have been an allergic reaction.
        Sheep sorrel grows in the SW deserts of the US. I have never been there.
        I do go into barns owned by a dairy farmer friend of mine. I’ve never noticed any reaction to cows. No more runny nose than usual, no hives, no itching. Nothing. And we pet the cows!
        Cigarette smoke bothers most non smokers I know to some extent. This does bother me-my nose runs worse.
        I don’t hang around with anyone who smokes. I don’t wander around in the desert of Arizona. I don’t take penicillin. I pet cows with no bad effect.