• 9 months ago

    One-time allergic reaction

    Something really strange recently happened.

    I'm a dog lover. Animal lover really, but dogs ard the only animal i'm not allergic to (or so i thought) so that's the only type of animal i can be around. I have a dog at home (for 9 years now) but since i'm studying away from home i don't see her much. So naturally i go 'awwww!!' Over every dog i see and praise myself lucky whenever i get to cuddle one. The other day i met a lovesick puppy (very loveable bulldog) on the bus making a racket trying to get to me for cuddles. Naturally i go over, sit down by the pup and try to quiet it down, since the owner is busy on the phone and the pup is pulling his leash and staring at me and whining. Licks all over my face and tries to jump into my arms, paws at my face in the process, for several minutes until i have to get off the bus. Totally made my day, who doesn't enjoy some puppy love? But just a few minutes later, while i'm walking home, my face starts itching, and it just gets worse. Pretty soon it's burning and stinging. When i get to the nearest mirror my face looks like i used poison ivy as a facial scrub. It takes an hour and three thorough washes for the stinging to go away and the angry red welts to vanish, but now the rest of my day is a nightmare. That was very obviously an allergic reaction. In all my life i have never had an allergic reaction to any dog, not even a little sneeze, and it's not like i haven't been petting other dogs every few weeks. It was entirely out of the blue. But the strange thing is i got no other symptoms than the burning itchy spots where the dog licked. No watery itchy eyes or clogged nose or full-body itching or breathing problems, and it went away with water and soap. Any other day my allergy attacks last for hours, and i usually have symptoms into the next day. The following day i decided to test... the puppy had nibbled at my gloves, so they should be full of allergens. I rubbed the gloves thoroughly on both my wrists, since wrist skin is some of the most sensitive on the body. I'd definitely welt up again if i was allergic. But nada, no red welts, no mad itching, no burning or stinging. I promised myself i'd pet the next dog i saw and see if i could provoke a reaction (as i'm going home to my own dog in a few days i want to know if i need to bring my heavy duty medication or not.) Today i met another puppy (this one a bulldog too if species matters, but just a few weeks old, wee tiny little adorable thing). He was very eager for cuddles and i consciously let him lick my hands and wrists, then proceeded on my way, careful not to wipe any off. It sounds disgusting, but i had to find out if it would provoce a reaction and it taked a few minutes. I waited half an hour... still nothing. My first encounter with the loveable puppy had provoked a quite noticeable reaction in just one or two minutes. I rubbed my hands on my cheeks and throat just to be sure... still nothing, so i washed off thoroughly. More 'testing' will ensue but... has anyone ever heard of something like this happening, or experienced it themselves? Any idea what could possibly provoke such a random and not exactly mild reaction, or why?