• 7 months ago

    Scripts for Epipens

    I have a question i was hoping to get answered. I am not familar witb life threatening allergies as my family has never had this issue, however a more distant family member is said to. I know the epipens are an emergency medication just as my sons diastat is for his epilepsy. My sons emergency medication prescription was highly controlled by his doctor. Only one box (2 doses just like epipens) at a time with limited refills even at his worst of times.
    My question is; are epipens usually respected in the same manner? Is it normal to give a perscription of 6 boxes (12 pens) with three refills in a year. It just seems to me used for food allergies u should never need to give your child this many emergency doses in a year. I am just concerned and would like to know if my concerns are valid or not.
    Thank you.