• 9 months ago

    Extreme itching / crawling sensation for almost 2 years no signs of rash or treatment

    For almost two years now, I have been battling the oddest condition. It started with extreme itching all over my legs. Later, I am itchy pretty much everywhere. I never had any sign of a rash, or allergic reaction. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night from scratching.( I have no known allergies )

    First Steps:

    Doctor: I first started by changing the detergent I was using. Then, I went to the doctor who ran blood tests, stool samples, urine tests, and everything came back normal. In the mean time, she suggested I take an anti-histamine for relief and sent me off to get an allergy test. I went to get a full comprehensive allergy test - everything came back normal. However, I hadn't stopped taking the anti-histamine as I was not advised to so I am unsure if it could have been a false test as a result. She then referred me to a dermatologist

    Dermatologist: I went to the dermatologist, and after describing my symptoms, he did not inspect my skin, but he advised that I do a scabies treatment. (Neither my partner nor I have any signs of scabies and we live together ) I went ahead and did the treatment regardless. Itching persisted. I went back for a follow up, and he suggested that I do it again - out of frustration I asked him, if it wasn't scabies what we would be trying next and he said we would start blood tests etc over. Needless to say I did not go back to him.

    Doctor: I went back to the doctor to explain my frustrations, and hope for an alternative solution to my problem. She prescribed me steroid creams to try, but it was difficult as the itching was not localized. She advised that this could be something environmental that I never find out - which wasn't something I was willing to accept. This condition has been making me extremely irritable and has begun to affect my professional and personal life.

    Naturopath: At this point, I've turned to a naturopath. Over the last 6 months, I feel like we have tried almost everything. She reviewed my blood work, and did a new stool sample to rule out parisites. My symptoms now include: itching everywhere, including the bottoms of my feet until they peel and get hot. Itching my legs until they scab. Dry stinging chest, itchy eyes. Painful sweating and itching in areas where there is pressure from clothing ie; waistband, bra straps. Clamy hot skin waist band, bra, underwear lines. More comfortable in loose fitting clothes. Sensitive skin to the point where any fabric ( sheets on my bed included ) touches me, and its almost a painful sensation, prickly burning.

    This is a list of the following things we have done to try and treat the condition:
    1. Mastocytosis Disease - low histamine diet & Stinging Nettle Tea, Quercetin SAP.
    2. Low histamine diet, B12 injections, & NAC SAP Antioxidant, Cyto-Calm to help with my sleepless nights.
    3. Liver Cleanse - Live SAP & Chelidonium Plex drops
    4. Parasite Cleanse - Garlic Activated Principles, Berber, Black Walnut, OIl of Oregano
    5. Going off birth control (Nueva Ring) - I was on Yasmine from age 16 - 20, went on Seasonale for about 1 year - went off the pill for 4 months - went back on to yasmine for about 1 year - swtiched to Nueva Ring, on it for approx. 6months) She has given me Femco & Chaste tree to help with the symptoms.

    I have been off the Nueva ring for about 1.5 months now. I got my first period normal timing. Since then, my symptoms have increased, and I have scabs all over my shins, now starting to my thighs from itching my skin so hard. Symptoms seem to be worse with clothing on. At work I get hot flash symptoms. I have been consistently waking up at 3am and having trouble falling asleep for the last 3-4 months now. Often wake up in a cold sweat. When I exercise, and sweat my scalp becomes incredibly itchy almost stinging sensation.

    My libido is non-existant, and the irritability from itching doesn't help.

    If anyone has any insight on something I can try, if you have experienced similar things etc. please help.