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    I developed acne at age ten. Over the last 40 years I tried giving up all sorts of foods, but that never made any difference. Then I read some people might be allergic to the antibiotics used in cows, so I switched to nut milk and avoid cow cheese. That seemed to help somewhat. Then I recently heard about A1 allergy, so maybe that was it. I am extremely allergic to penicillin.

    A few months ago I started 24 hour fasts every Monday in order to calorie stress. I didn't expect that to have any noticeable effect on me. At most, I expected slight effects over the course of months. Two days after my first fast my acne disappeared about 70%. And my pulse rate (I check it every week) went from the mid-50s to the mid-40s where it has been ever since. I'm not recommending fasting. I get away with it because I'm male, old, and retired.

    By the way, at a restaurant I recently substituted corn for au gratin potatoes. It was quite good, but it had cheese in it. I had a sudden outbreak of acne all the next day.


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    I don't know much about allergies but know all acne treatments aren't "one size fits all," but what worked for my cystic acne in my late-20s (30 in three months!) was a combination of Rx, diet and MORE SLEEP. Even being off birth control, I've had significantly clearer skin, with just a few small breakouts here and there. In terms of diet, giving up diary products and soy products and including more nuts, berries and water has helped. For Rx, I did a long-term round of Doxycycline antibiotic and now take Olly multivitamins. For products I use a simple AHA/BHA cleanser, alternate between night moisturizer and retinol cream and a simple sunscreen during the day. I do a $69-month spa membership to treat the marks, but that's about it. It took a while to find the right combination, but it paid off. Also it's relative, but I've been able to do it fairly cheap and with what I get from http://writepaperforme.org and https://www.freelancer.com/ .
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        Thanks for the info. I'll try AHA/BHA cleanser. I already take an old mans multivitamin, which provides even more of what the Olly's does.

        I've used Aveeno acne bar for years, but I don't know if it made any difference. Same with the salicylic acid treatment that I've used once a week starting a few months ago. I rinse off completely before applying body wash which is also something I started using a few months ago. The acne products dry out my skin and the body wash leaves my skin soft and smooth.

        I've just lived with acne and figured not much could be done about it until my weekly fasts made an instant difference. But I still get outbreaks; sometimes for reasons I can identify, sometimes for no apparent reason (weather changes?).

        I have a strong suspicion that my problem is due to an over-active immune system. In other words: an allergy.
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