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    noncontagious rash and trouble breathing

    My fiance came home from work (pest control) a couple weeks ago with a rash forming (red bumpy rash, like mass amounts of bug bites or pimples, swollen). We figured it was an allergic reaction considering what he comes in contact with on a daily (bugs, chemicals, etc). It gradually got worse, even with applications of cortizone, benedryl, and even tried aloe vera gel. The rash itches on a torturous level. Not contagious because it would have spread to me by now. A few days ago, his breathing started getting labored, wheezing coughing fits keeping him up at night (he hasn't had a peaceful night sleep in a week. He's coughing up weird consistency, kind of gritty pasty, phelgm, sort of beige color and he said it's a weird taste (not something he could pinpoint but not the usual taste of mucus). We finally broke down and went to the doctor, they brushed off his labored breathing, weird phlegm and coughing fits as a cold. They gave us prednisone for the the rash. Doctors visit cost $200 which we don't have and we can't go back. Rash has gone down, less red, still itches. We've continued applications of benedryl (pill and cream) and cortizone and aloe vera gel. He said he felt better throughout the day yesterday, but in the evening it was like he had reverted back to mass coughing fits, woke up through the night as well wiht mass coughing fits and wheezing. Tomorrow is his last day of the prednisone, rash is still not completely gone. It kills me to watch him suffer like this and be powerless to do anything, we can't afford another doctor's visit. Please tell me someone can shed some light on this. We have changed nothing in the house (detergents, etc), we do have a flea problem but it's been there for a while and we're waiting for some new treatment for the cats to come in. Treatment suggestions for his condition would be greatly appreciated (remember we can't afford another doctor visit, our insurance is deductible-based so basically we're out of pocket even though we don't even have a pocket to pull anything out of...).


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    RE: noncontagious rash and trouble breathing

    I am so sorry that he's going through this! I honestly don't have any kind of advice and I'm sorry the doctor just brushed off his other symptoms. Just stopping in here to say that I'm thinking of you guys and hope that he's feeling better! Do you know if he came into contact with anything different that day that he came home with the rash? Chemicals or otherwise? If it was a new chemical maybe try calling the company that makes it? Sorry I can't be more help.
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    RE: noncontagious rash and trouble breathing

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