• 6 months ago

    Early evening chest rattle that coughs up one green mucus "ball"

    Back in January, in the evenings, I started getting occasional episodes where rattle would start high in the lungs, usually after I had started laughing at something seen on the tube. From there, this rattle would become increasingly annoying and I'd try hard to hack it up. Usually, after no more than an hour or two, I'd suddenly cough and this little 1/2" rectangular blob of green, foul tasting mucous would pop out. Just the one. After that, I'm good until the next episode.

    I assumed my mild seasonal allergies were starting early due to the mild winter and started Claritin, and after seeing my doc, flonase, but nothing has curbed the issue (although my allergy systems are kept nonexistent to mild).

    Lately, these blobs are getting harder to cough up. I have tried taking one Sudafed, enough to "dry out" my breathing a bit as it seems to give my cough a bit more edge and the ability to cough it out.

    What the heck is going on? I had asthma as a child (went away after leaving the house full of smokers behind at age 18) but this is not the same. I have no other breathing issues, am not labored at all. It's as if someone glued something into the airway that flutters with air passing over it, each and every night. The foul smelling green mucus tells me infection, but my doc hasn't given' me anything and keeps saying asthma. Help!!!