• 6 months ago

    Severe Allergic reaction-unable to identify trigger

    For the last couple years, I've been having reactions-swelling of eye area, swelling near lip/jaw line/swelling on foot and/or swelling of whole or even 1/2 of tongue and even hives sometimes. I've seen 2 allergists, been tested for everything, kept track of my food intake, surroundings, activites, etc. for a couple of weeks and no one can figure out the cause.
    This started 2 days after having a hysterectomy, so I'm wondering if there's any relation between the reactions and timing of my hysterectomy.
    Reactions occur mostly while at home, but sometimes at work; sometimes wake up with swelling, but other times occurs during day. Nothing is predictable. I haven't switched cleaning products, laundry stuff, medications, living conditions, etc.
    Any suggestions?