• 4 months ago

    2 months yellow phlegm

    Hi there, I have seen quite a number of doctor and there is no result so far. Some MD believes it is due to allergy, some ENT believes it is due to my nose leaking down the airway, causing throat infection but my nose is perfectly fine. My mouth is dirty every morning comes with yellow/brown saliva + phlegm. The phlegm is not thick and it can be white or clear yellow. It happens everyday after I woke up and my throat has been swollen for quite some time. I did X-Ray and it seems fine too. Ate all the antibiotic, nothing changed. Brush teeth twice a day + listerine. Sometime I will cough for a short while after I woke up. Non smoker. I have history of acid reflux 3 months ago but I got it fixed. Tried Antibiotic (CLAVULANIC ACID 125MG + AMOXICILLIN 500MG), X-ray (nothing wrong with my lung), allergy medicine (BILASTINE), throat (for relief dry cough) and nose spray (Budesonide).