• 4 months ago

    Itching but no rash or irritation..

    I've had this spot on my shoulder blade that has been itching in the same place for a few months now. There is no rash, no sign of anything in the spot where it is itching, but it itches like crazy! Should I be concerned, or is this rather common??


  • 17 days ago

    RE: Itching but no rash or irritation..

    Hi blewiss,
    It's not not normal to have the same spot itch for months at a time. What have you tried in the way of itch relief? Have you consulted a doctor or a nurse?
    If you haven't tried any creams, try a hydrocortisone cream.
    If that doesn't work I would recommend consulting a doctor. Could be nothing, but better be safe than sorry.
    Good luck and God Bless.
  • 15 days ago

    RE: Itching but no rash or irritation..

    I have places that itch and I have used hydrocortisone cream and it seems to help. I also discovered that one of the side effects of Tramadol a pain medication I take regularly is itching but it tends to be over a larger area.
      • 15 days ago
        Hi Ginnylee,
        If you are itching over a large area, you may be having a mild allergic reaction to the tramadol. You may want to mention that when you see your doctor next time. Just a thought.
        Good luck and God Bless.
      • 14 days ago
        I am pretty sure Tramadol is the cause. Most drugs have side effects. Some people will be sensitive to them and some have no reaction. Tramadol has less effect than anything else. So far I can live with it.